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About us


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We are living in Eschborn, near Frankfurt/M.

In March 2001 we fell in love with the breed Tibetan Terriers.

Everything started like it should not have. We were shopping at the Main-Taunus-Zentrum. We had to buy fishfood and went into the pet-shop.  In the pet-shop, behind glass they had a few dogs of different breeds. Also a little tiny black dog, which Rebecca immediately fell in love with. Now we tried to explain that it would be better to buy a little dog at a recognized breeder, but it came as it was supposed to be and we bought the little, black dog.

It was for sure that we took the responsibility for the little dog and not our daughter Rebecca.

At home we went out for the first walk and we were very upset when we saw that our Lucky had blood in his Pu. Now, we and the animal clinic in Hofheim cared for Lucky till he has been healthy again.

Over Lucky we fell in Love with the Tibetan Terriers, and they are a very special breed.

When Lucky was healthy, we had got the Tibetan Terrier Virus and so we decided to buy a second TT from a good breeder. So we got our beautifull Tibetan Terrier bitch Boshanti Astrid.

Also we liked to meet nice people with Tibetan Terriers and so we became members of the Club for tibetan dog breeds "KTR". 

Astrid developed very nice and we decided to show her.

Since than we have tried to learn a lot about Tibetan Terriers.

After a while we got a prefix and when Astrid will be old enough and when she will have passed all the health test we would like to breed with her.


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