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Information about the breed


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puppy.JPG (11112 Byte) The Tibetan Terriers land of origin  is the "The Roof Of The World". 13,000 feet above sea level the climate is very extreme.Very cold winters and warm summers. Therefore the Tibetan dogs developed a very thick coat.

The Tibetan Terrier is a very old breed, almost 2000 years ago they were bred and raised in the monasteries by lamas. The Tibetan people believe in reincarnation therefore the Tibetan Terriers were known as "Holy Dogs" and "Luck Bringers". They were never sold but presented to visiting lamas to safeguard them on their jouney home and to bring peace and prosperity to their own monastery. On rare occasions they were given to lay persons out of gratitude for favours or services rendered. In this way the precious little dogs spread to other parts of the country and were much appreciated.

Althought Tibetan Terriers were occasionally used as guard dogs and as herders, their main value was as a true companion dog, devoted to family and home. Tibetans called them the "Little People" and treated them like children on the family.

The Tibetan Terrier should be named Tibtan Apso, because he is a herders dog and absolutely no Terrier blood is running in it´s veins.


1922 Dr. Agnes Greig (GB) operated in India a tibetan woman successfuly, therefore she got her first Tibetan Terrier bitch "Bunti" as a gift.

In the time Dr. Agnes Greig worked as an English surgeon practising medicine in India, she acquired more dogs from lamas and began to breed them in India.


From 1924 Dr. Agnes Greig was breeding Tibetan Terriers under the prefix "´Lamleh"


1930 Dr. Agnes Greig brought the first Tibetan Terriers to England also the Tibetan Terrier got registered by the kennel Club of India as a distinct breed.


1937 The Tibetan Terrier was recognized by the Kennel Club in England.


1938 First time where Tibetan Terriers was entered in an exhibition "Crufts".


Winner from this exhibiton was Thoombay of Ladkok.   Ladkok was the prefix of Dr. Greig´s mother.




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picture: copyright Mrs. Maranda Eldrige

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picture: copyright Mrs. Maranda Eldrige

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picture: copyright Mrs. Maranda Eldrige




Here a picture from CH. Jana of Lamleh. She did not get sold to Germany.


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picture: copyright Mrs. Maranda Eldrige



Some of Dr. Greig´s Tibetan Terriers came to Germany before the second world war. Mrs. E. Burns from Berlin started to breed Tibetan Terriers under the prefix "vom Tiergartenbrück". When the Russian Army came to Berlin, Mrs. E. Bruns breeding came to an end. Mrs. E. Bruns got shot together with her Tibetan Terriers. Today we only find a few Tibetan Terriers out of this old line. Tibetan Terriers were importet from England and the Nordic countries because in Germany there were not enough dogs to breed with. Today we also find a lot of Tibetan Terriers with American blood lines (they are going back to English blood lines) in our pedigrees.


1953 the Downey´s started a line under the prefix "Luneville". The foundation of this line was a dog called "Trojan Kynos" (Dusky). The Downey´s had found him at the docks of Liverpool. The English Kennel Club recognized him as a Tibetan Terrier. troyan.JPG (8930 Byte)
           Trojan Kynos

picture: copyright Mrs. Downey


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picture copyright: Barbara Green


Today the Tibetan Terrier is known as a companion dog. He is a happy and lovely family dog. The property of being shy against strangers you will find very rarely at this time. He bonds with his family and wants to be with them all the time. He is not a dog which can be alone for a long time.Heute gehört der Tibet Terrier zu den Begleit- und Gesellschaftshunden.



The Tibetan Terrier loves long walks.

But his most favorite thing is, to play with other dogs.

It is a great pleasure to watch its lovely movements.

Tibetan Terriers can climb very well and they are good companions for walks in the mountains.

One of the qualitys is that a Tibetan Terrier can use its paws like cats.

A Tibetan Terrier ever is in the mood to make jokes.

It is very important that you are very consistent when you grow up a Tibetan Terrier, but realise his Asian way of seeing things. Most times you have to convince a Tibetan Terrier when you want to teach him things. If you are too hard when teaching a Tibetan Terrier you can be sure the Tibetan Terrier will do the opposite.

The Tibetan Terrier has a very thick coat, therefore you have to groom it very regularly. It is for the best when you teach it to the Tibetan Terrier puppy very early. The Tibetan Terrier has a double coat. This means a very thick under coat which saves a Tibetan Terrier from the cold winter. Every spring a Tibetan Terrier will change its under coat. Now you must take special care of the coat because it will knot up very quick. The over coat feels like the hair of human people. The Tibetan Terrier never changes the over coat. Sometimes it can take up to 4 years till the over coat is developed.

You will find Tibetan Terriers in all coulors, black, black and white, gold sable, black and tan. Only chocolate colour is not allowed at Dog Shows.

When buying a Tibetan Terrier puppy you should look that it is socialized. That means that the puppy will know people and different noises.

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